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"Leading with Love and Compassion"


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National Hazing Prevention Week 2022


Save the dates! HazingPrevention.Org's 2022 National Hazing Prevention Week is September 19-23, 2022. While hazing prevention is a year-round activity, the annual National Hazing Prevention Week focuses attention on this important issue every year as students return to campuses. 

We invite students, educators, administrators, parents, siblings, and friends to TAKE THE PLEDGE  to show your support for hazing prevention and share how YOU will spread the word about hazing education and prevention and become STRONGER TOGETHER!!


The Antonio Tsialas Leadership Foundation was inspired by the life, leadership and compassion of a young man who touched many lives in his short 18 years of life. Despite being taken from us far too soon, Antonio’s legacy will inspire us to make a difference in a loving and compassionate manner.


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The Antonio Tsialas Leadership Foundation was established to inform students of the risks associated with on-campus social life, empower them with positive and constructive alternatives so the senseless passing of Antonio will never happen to another.


To empower young adults to make safe and compassionate choices by raising hazing awareness and inspire them to lead their lives with empathy and inclusion.


To assist young adults to become future leaders that recognize the power of diversity and inclusion as key elements to succeed in an ever changing world.


1) Raise awareness of hazing and develop steps for prevention by presenting lectures.

2) Honor exceptional young leaders with The Antonio Tsialas Compassionate Leadership Award for local high school students.

3) Present online compassionate leadership programs for high school Juniors,  Seniors, parents and other interested audiences.