Inspiring young adults to balance new adventures and experiences with safe and compassionate choices.

"Leading with Love and Compassion"

Image by Brooke Lark


To all the attendees who participated in our ATLF Compassionate Leadership Program information session last night! What a wonderful space we created where prospective students, current ATLF ambassadors, parents, ATLF board members, educators and facilitators met to have a courageous conversation about hazing and compassionate leadership.


Thank you all for being part of the conversation and especially for your courage in leading with compassion, because every action contributes to change!🙏🏽💛💙


Together we say No to hazing and Yes to Life!


The Antonio Tsialas Leadership Foundation was inspired by the life, leadership and compassion of a young man who touched many lives in his short 18 years of life. Despite being taken from us far too soon, Antonio’s legacy will inspire us to make a difference in a loving and compassionate manner.


Image by Viktor Forgacs

The Antonio Tsialas Leadership Foundation was established to inform students of the risks associated with on-campus social life, empower them with positive and constructive alternatives so the senseless passing of Antonio will never happen to another.


To empower young adults to make safe and compassionate choices by raising hazing awareness and inspire them to lead their lives with empathy and inclusion.


To assist young adults to become future leaders that recognize the power of diversity and inclusion as key elements to succeed in an ever changing world.


  • Present lectures to raise awareness of hazing and other dangerous practices in college social life.

  • Identify strategies for hazing prevention and implementation.

  • Further develop the Ambassador Program and offer online education for high school juniors, seniors, parents and other interested audiences.

  • Raise funds to sponsor the ATLF Compassionate Leadership Award to local high school students who share Antonio’s passion for leadership through community service.


  • Flavia Tomasello and John Tsialas have been guest speakers at Ransom Everglades High School, Palmer Trinity School, Greek Orthodox Youth Association, NSU University School, Cornell University, Univeristy of Miami, Pinecrest Youth Advisory Council, and the Bank of America Caregiver Network

  • To date four students who demonstrated the ideals of compassionate leadership have earned scholarships

  • The ATLF Ambassadors have completed a year of leadership training and a new cohort of students are poised to begin

  • Outreach through online classes, social media and blogs spread the message of compassionate leadership to new audiences