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Born in Miami, FL, Antonio enjoyed life to the fullest with his family and friends.  A natural leader, he was driven by compassion and the desire to help others.

Antonio received the Student of the Year Award in 2015 for his outstanding grades and noteworthy volunteer work he performed while at GW Carver Middle School.

Antonio attended high school at Ransom Everglades, where he made his mark as well. Always an outstanding student, Antonio was an AP Scholar, active on the debate team, a valuable member of the math team, and a trusted varsity soccer goalkeeper. He was beloved across campus for “his friendly demeanor, his kind heart and beaming smile” and established many long-lasting friendships.  Antonio graduated Cum Laude in 2019.

Antonio loved soccer.  After playing various positions, he found his calling as a goalkeeper.  He honed a natural talent with much practice and developed into a top-notch goalkeeper. He loved supporting his teammates. Known for “taking young players under his wing,” Antonio often stayed late after practice to work with his squad.

While playing for the Ransom Everglades varsity soccer team, Antonio concurrently played for various Club Soccer Teams in Miami Dade County.  In his freshman year, Antonio was playing for the Real Madrid Miami Team as the starting goalkeeper which travelled to the Southern part of Spain to participate in a local competition.  In the spring of 2017 of his sophomore year and through his junior year, Antonio played as goalkeeper of the Coral Gables Toros.  He travelled with the team as the starting goalkeeper in the Mediterranean International Cup (MIC Cup) in Costa Brava, Spain. 


Finally in his senior year 2019, Antonio joined the U18 Elite Key Biscayne Soccer Club and assisted the team to the Florida State Finals in 2019, Sunshine League Champions Tournament, and to the US Youth Soccer Southern Regional Championships.

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Besides soccer, Antonio’s zest for life and his Greek heritage lead him to be a member of the Saint Sophia Dance Troupe for ten years, where he participated in local dance competitions. He was also part of the Greek Orthodox Youth Association where he helped raise money for the church and his community.

Antonio was accepted at Cornell University in 2019 and enrolled in the College of Arts and Science, where he doubled majored in Economics and Mathematics. As a freshman, he embraced campus life with passion and ambition. He was selected as a campus tour guide after a rigorous interviewing process.  He also was a member of both the Latin American Club and the Cornell Mundial Soccer Club.


His life was filled with limitless promise.  Then, on October 24, 2019, at 18 years of age, he attended an on campus unregistered fraternity rush party at Phi Kappa Psi and was found dead two days later at the bottom of Falls Creek Gorge. He was a victim of fraternity hazing, a most senseless tragedy.


Antonio will be missed for his contagious smile, his positive energy, and his spirit with which he served his community. Yet despite his passing, he continues to be an inspiration to so many people.


The Antonio Tsialas Leadership Foundation a hazing prevention non-profit organization was established to honor a young man whose life, leadership and compassion touched many during his short 18 years; with the ambitious goal to address these dangerous cultural issues on college campuses and offer positive and constructive alternatives so that the senseless passing of Antonio will never happen to another.

The foundation in his honor was born from this tragedy.  Today, it has evolved to match his positive energy and giving heart, by teaching students not only the dangers of hazing, but the power of compassion

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