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December 2023 Newsletter

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Compassionate Leaders

Celebrate Successes

As a new year approaches and we envision a world guided by compassionate leaders, it seems an ideal time to thank everyone who has supported the Antonio Tsialas Leadership Foundation (ATLF) and invite you to celebrate the many accomplishments achieved since the foundation’s inception:

  • The ATLF Ambassador’s Program was completed by three groups of students who participated in the yearlong initiative. Designed to raise hazing awareness and develop compassionate leadership skills, Ambassadors are empowered to spread the foundation’s message to their peers and in their communities.

  • The ATLF Compassionate Leadership Award was presented to six local high school students who share and have demonstrated Antonio’s passion for leadership and community service.

  • Antonio Tsialas ‘23 Hazing Prevention Week was established together with Cornell University and held on campus annually in honor of Antonio and to provide hazing prevention training for fraternity and sorority leaders.

  • Initiated at Ransom Everglades School, The Antonio Tsialas ’19 Leadership Endowment Fund sponsors an annual award and together with RE provides year-round education on compassionate leadership and hazing prevention to senior students.

  • ATLF has presented the foundation’s mission at local schools and organizations including University of Miami, GW Carver Middle and Elementary Schools, South Miami Middle School, Palmer Trinity School, Pinecrest Youth Advisory Council, Bank of America, and the Greek Orthodox Youth Organization.

  • ATLF Parent Ambassadors have participated in training developed to initiate crucial conversations with families and peers about compassionate leadership and hazing awareness.

  • ATLF has hosted Hazing Prevention Week Zoom Roundtable talks for students, parents, and educators to discuss the legal aspects of hazing, hazing prevention and alcohol abuse.

  • ATLF has formed powerful partnerships established in the realm of hazing prevention including Gordie Center at University of Virginia, StopHazing at University of Maine, and the law office of Stewart, Tilghman, Fox, Biachi & Cain.

  • The ATLF CLEARING Model was created to help students define the pillars of compassionate leadership and place them in action.

  • An informative video was produced in partnership with the Gordie Center for college and high school students to help them identify groups and organization that will contribute to a positive campus life and allow for meaningful connections.

  • A video was created to share Antonio’s story, life and legacy and to uncover the dangers of on campus hazing.

  • ATLF provided support to ATLF college ambassador, Maria Olloqui with the production of her documentary, Pressures of the Greek Life System: The tragedy of Antonio Tsialas.

  • ATLF actively lobbied on the hill in Washington D.C. in support of the Stop Campus Hazing Act that promotes the safety and well-being of students on campus.

We have done so much but there is still so much to do. As we all know, changing a culture requires collective efforts and we are counting on your continued support.

Please help further our efforts by donating to the Antonio Tsialas Leadership Foundation. Every offering contributes to change and has the potential to save a life. Hazing is preventable. Together we say yes to life!

Thank you for leading with love and compassion!



Sophia Romanov-Imber

ATLF Ambassador.

I knew of celebration only in regard to holidays, awards, and achievements; that was until a teacher I was interviewing about student feedback spoke to me about celebration within education. He recalled to me celebrations within his own classes. The value of recognizing others' contributions in discussions and celebrating them. I began to view celebration not as a rare occasion but as a vehicle for growth and a way to demonstrate both appreciation and gratitude. And then I began to see it more: at our ATLF Ambassador meetings, we had already been celebrating each other during discussions through our questions and responses. It is a form of support to build off another's idea and I see that in our ATLF program group every time we meet. I believe we can celebrate ourselves and our peers every day even indirectly through recognition or a brief “thank you”. I believe celebration is not always parties and balloons but how we appreciate others in between those grander times.


Join us in asking Congress to take

action to end hazing

Last October, John Tsialas and Flavia Tomasello joined a group of activists in Washington, DC to advocate on behalf of the Stop Campus Hazing Act.

We encourage you to learn more about how this act seeks to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding on campus hazing.

Please click on the link below to learn more.

Then, click below to urge your representative to support the Stop Campus Hazing Act.

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