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July 2024 Newsletter : Happy Independence Day!


Students embrace self-compassion in selecting new groups to join in college

Meeting people, exploring new ideas and embracing adventure is a treasured part of college life. As you prepare for college, be sure to reflect on your own needs, interests, values, and boundaries to help you find groups to join that will enhance your college experience. 

  • Think about why would like to join groups in college. Do you want to have fun? Improve your academic, artistic or athletic skills? Give back to the community? Then, explore which groups can meet those needs.

  • Research the organizations you would like to join. Inquire about their traditions and initiation rituals to welcome new members. Check if they have been penalized or have any pending proceedings for situations or behaviors of some of their members in the past.

  • Check for previous hazing incidents at your new school and how your school has dealt with hazing incidents in the past.

  • Educate yourself about the systems available for reporting hazing and other inappropriate behaviors.

  • Understand and exercise your power to choose the best organizations to join.

  • Be a true leader and inspire change of old dangerous traditions.


Parents initiate compassionate conversations about college life

Parents can be part of the solution!  Following are few questions that can help you start a compassionate conversation about hazing to help guide your young adult to mindful choices in college.


  • What groups do you think you would like to join in college?

  • What do you hope to gain from these groups?  (New friends, fun activities, academic skills?)

  • How will you recognize a positive group as opposed to one that has dangerous initiation rituals?

  • What do you know about hazing, how to prevent it and how to report it?

  • What will you do if you are at a party and feel pressure to join in activities that make you uncomfortable?

  • What plans can you make with your friends to make sure you are looking out for one another and have a plan to get home safely?

  • Have you considered you own boundaries and how you might exercise your power to choose if you feel pressured to participate in activities that aren’t consistent with your values?

  • What system does your college have for reporting hazing or bad behavior?

  • Do you know the signs of dangerous alcohol misuse and when it is important to seek medical attention?

  • Would you like to sign the hazing prevention pledge at


The goal of this conversation is to encourage your young adult to think about their choices before they are in a risky or high-pressure social situation. You don’t need to lecture them or give them all the answers, but rather validate their desire to be part of a group, listen to their needs and concerns and establish an open line of communication about college challenges. You should remind your student they can always demand respect and that humiliation or intimidation by existing members is never acceptable. Also, make sure that your student understands that they can always speak to you about initiation activities that cause or risk physical and emotional harm and that you will always support them without judgement.


Together we say yes to life.  Leading together with love and compassion. 



Being a part of the ATLF Ambassador program has profoundly impacted me. Through their informative sessions, I have gained a deep understanding of the importance of fostering safe and inclusive environments. This journey has taught me to be a compassionate leader, prioritizing the well-being and dignity of everyone around me. I’ve learned to recognize and address harmful behaviors, and to advocate for empathy and mutual support within my community. ATLF’s influence has empowered me to lead with kindness, ensuring that every individual feels valued and respected.

Jack Penna

ATLF Ambassador



Celebrating Compassionate Leadership: ATLF Ambassadors’ Graduation

On June 7, 2024, we celebrated the graduation of our 3rd cohort of ATLF compassionate leadership ambassadors. We are proud to recognize all the students who completed the first year of the ATLF ambassador program:  Abigail Maurer, Ella Barnett, Garrett Fox, Jack Penna, Julian Erez, Julianna Alvarez, Lucas Lippey, Lucas Russ, Matthew Russ.

We also honored a special cohort of students who completed two years of the ATLF ambassador program, honing their compassionate leadership skills to both raise awareness of hazing and prepare to change the culture on their college campuses and communities: Collin Goff, Katarina Pena, Ryan Bienstock, Sophia Romanov-Imber and Christopher Tsialas.

Congratulations to all the compassionate ATLF Ambassadors for their commitment to making our communities and world a better place. Thank you all for leading with love and compassion.

Celebrating Lucas Lippey: Recipient of the ATLF Leadership Scholarship for 2024.

Last month, we were honored to recognize Lucas Lippey as the recipient of the ATLF Leadership Scholarship for 2024. Each year we honor a student who reflects the qualities of compassionate leadership that Antonio embodied. Lucas says, “As I enter college and join a sports team, ATLF’s values will stay with me. I fully understand the need for compassionate leadership and will not sit idly by waiting for someone else; I will be the change I wish to see.”

Congratulations Lucas!


Registration is open for the ATLF Ambassador Program Fall Cohort


High school and college students:  We invite you to become an ATLF Ambassador and join a highly motivated team of students who are passionate about compassionate leadership and hazing prevention.


Learn more at our online information sessions


Wednesday, July 10, 2024 @ 7:00pm

Wednesday, July 31, 2024 @ 7:00pm


For more information or to attend an information session please email Registration is open until August 16, 2024.

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