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Making Space for Leaders

to Inspire Change

In our dynamic world, it is crucial for compassionate leaders to make space for positive change. That can mean creating a physical space where your group can safely explore new ideas or simply setting aside time and developing a mindset to evaluate the present and look to the future.


To lead an effective group, leaders must observe the dynamics within their organization, reflect on the teams’ values and work collaboratively to develop a plan for positive change. This is the first step towards transforming old and dangerous practices, like hazing, into positive and compassionate traditions.


But how do we do that?


At ATLF, we’ve developed the ATLF CLEARING model as a framework to guide us in creating space for change. This model emphasizes the importance of Collaboration, Listening, Empathy in action, Accountability, Responsibility, Inclusion, Nurturing and Gratitude with a deliberate space left open to allow for growth. This is the space where transformation occurs, where we develop our vision and set goals. In this space, we inspire others to join us on our journey to create effective and cohesive groups.

But how do we do that?  There are specific steps you can take to create space for change.

1)    Work with your team to develop a set of common values and actionable goals.

2)   Establish shared agreements as guidelines to ensure positive communication and collaboration.

3)   Reflect on current traditions or practices. Consider what aspects of the group are the most powerful and what habits may be detrimental.

4)  Identify barriers to change and work with your group to overcome them.

5)   Encourage a growth mindset that focuses on creating positive change.


Most importantly, you must take action.

Compassionate leaders do not simply envision a better world, they take active steps to make it a reality.  What actions are you willing to take in the coming weeks to make space for change? Perhaps it's implementing a new initiative or simply starting a conversation about dreams for the future. Every action counts.


As leaders, it's our responsibility to inspire our organizations. Let's lead by example, communicate compassionately, and foster trust, safety, and respect within our groups. By empowering ourselves and those around us, we can create a healthier and more compassionate culture that has a long-lasting impact.



Those of us who have been following the news recently know that the world (including its youth) is more divided than ever. Last month, I was selected by my school to research how humanity can disagree more productively and promote ethical leadership through dialogue. Dialogue involves communities of different ethnicities, genders, religions, and opinions, coming together to discuss a particular issue with respect and empathy. Despite still being early in the research process, I frequently have been fortunate enough to engage with many professors and dialogue facilitators, including many who work at the universities making headlines today. When asked: what is the most important element of productive dialogue, each of these professors answered with a pillar of ATLF’s CLEARING model. Every pillar is equally important as it allows dialogue participants to feel understood and welcome while encouraging them to think critically about their role in the world. As I continue my research this summer and early fall, the ATLF CLEARING model will act as a template for the environment I strive to create.


Lucas Lippey

ATLF Ambassador




Senior Talk: Identify and Prevent Hazing at Miami Country Day School

We were honored to present “Senior Talk: Identify and Prevent Hazing” with the Miami Country Day School Class of 2024. What an amazing group of compassionate leaders that will make our world a better place!


We are grateful and very proud of our ATLF ambassadors Julian Erez and Michael B. Mcpherson for sharing their compassionate leadership journeys.  Thank you to Mrs. Carroll Kelly for inviting us and to the administration, faculty, community, and students for their support and for sharing our vision of inspiring compassionate leaders at Miami Country Day School and beyond! 

HS Senior Talk at

Ransom Everglades Schools

It was a pleasure for us to share our “REal Talk: REcognize and Prevent Hazing” with the Ransom Everglades Class of 2024. Their reflections and powerful insights give us hope for the future!

We are also grateful and very proud of our ATLF ambassadors Sophia Romanov-Imber, Collin Goff and Ryan Bienstock for beautifully sharing their experience in the program and the impact it has had in their own leadership journey.

A special thank you to Mr. Caron for his meaningful introduction of Antonio’s story and Mr. Solomun for coordinating the details of the program. We also thank the entire RE administration, faculty, community and students for their continued support and their commitment to leading with so much LOVE and COMPASSION!

Hazing and its legal impact a collaboration with STFBC law offices David Bianchi

We are grateful to our partners David Bianchi and Carol Goraczco from Stewart Tilghman Fox Bianchi & Cain law offices for a very impactful program last April. Mr. Bianchi shared his expertise on the dangers of hazing and its legal impact.


It was great opportunity for all of us to empower ourselves to prevent hazing.


Thank you to all attendees for your insightful questions and reflections.

Leading together with love and compassion!

Together we Said YES to Life!

Making space for leaders to inspire chance a collaboration with

What a great collaborative effort with Angela Ging from Together we delivered a powerful module to our Ambassadors about making space for leaders to inspire change.

Our dedicated ATLF Ambassadors explored the importance of compassionate leadership to end the cycle of hazing and reinforced their commitment to create a positive culture in all the organizations they are part of.


We are grateful for our partnership with

Leading together with love and compassion!

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