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Updated: Jan 19

Compassionate Leaders

Embrace Self-Compassion

The journey to compassionate leadership grows from the seeds of SELF-COMPASSION. As leaders, it is only after we look inward to understand our own challenges and work to alleviate our own suffering, that we can truly extend compassion to others. This requires deeply listening to our own needs and caring for them thoughtfully. Too often we neglect our own needs to serve others.

Practicing self-compassion allows us to build healthy boundaries. It fosters belonging, because when we recognize who we are and what we value, we are not threatened by differing opinions and develop the confidence to honor the unique qualities of others. This leads to stronger, more inclusive groups and long-lasting relationship with others.

Self-compassion also allows us to be aware of our mistakes, to be accountable for them, and to use them as fuel to grow. Only when we offer this compassion to ourselves, then we can connect to others in their own humanity with kindness and support.

We often underestimate the value of cultivating peace, kindness, and compassion within ourselves. In 2024 we hope you celebrate yourselves and your wins, and practice patience towards those goals your still hold in your heart and are working to achieve.

May the new year be filled with compassion, joy, magic, and gratitude.


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