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Compassionate Leaders Practice Active Listening

Active listening is one of the pillars of compassionate leadership.

Compassionate leaders not only hear who is speaking but also actively listen to connect to the needs and feelings of others without assumptions or judgment. In this way, compassionate leaders build trust and create safe spaces where members are respected, valued, and supported. This in turn creates great cohesion and loyalty in a group.


But how do we practice active listening?


1.     Listen to connect 

2.    Avoid assumptions to minimize misunderstandings

3.    Be present and limit distractions like cell phones

4.   Focus on understanding, rather than on your own response

5.    Don’t interrupt 

6.   Maintain eye contact

7.    Ask follow-up questions

8.   Repeat key points to check for understanding

9.   Take action on what you learned


Like all compassionate leadership skills, active listening requires practice. When we mindfully focus on listening, we get better at building understanding, become effective leaders, and improve our relationships.



It’s time to schedule your High School Senior Session with ATLF!

 As HS seniors prepare for college, information about how to avoid hazing, identify the best groups to join, and how to be a compassionate leader on campus are all essential for the ultimate college experience.


In-person sessions are generally an hour long and can be adapted to your school’s schedule and needs. Be sure to voice your interest in this vital meeting to your school today. 




The ATLF Compassionate Leadership Program has been an extraordinary experience, for it has changed my perspective on the world and allowed me to influence others. I began the program during my junior year after hearing their mission statement. What truly jumped out at me was the promotion of empathy and compassionate leadership. I strongly believe that if these values are taught to younger generations as early as possible, bullying and hazing can be prevented, and I knew this program would let me make that difference. Personally, this experience has transformed me into a leader that leads a life of purposeful compassion and prevents others from experiencing exclusion and hazing. I’ve had the privilege to spread this message to students of varying ages and backgrounds throughout Miami, hoping to form a younger generation empowered with empathy towards others. Often, we are so focused on ourselves and our own problems that we don't notice what is happening around us and how others are feeling. This can be easily fixed, however. Choosing to make others feel good rather than hurt them and standing up for others when they are wronged is something we can do every day. I hope to help forge a world where no one feels alone or misunderstood, building strong foundations for a more compassionate future.

Katarina Peña

ATLF Ambassador.


Embracing Self-Compassion for Mothers

As mothers, we can often be our own harshest critics. Yet, the journey to compassionate leaders within our family grows from the seeds of self-compassion.

Join us for an online conversation, Monday, February 12, 2024 at 7:00PM EST.

Discover ways to listen to your needs, build healthy boundaries, and utilize mistakes as energy to grow.

Suggested donation $20. All donations will benefit the Antonio Tsialas Leadership Foundation training and scholarships.

Click the link and join today!

Click the link to donate today!

For more information, please email

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